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Building a Healthy Society 

That Brings Happiness

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Organizational and Social Change Through Arts and Consulting

Consult Leonard Tshitenge

  • Certified Boston Poet (Approved by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture)
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • M.S. In Psychology/Mental Health
  • Leadership Psychology Doctorate Student
  • Author
  • Public Speaking
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Community Building & Advocacy
  • African Diaspora Consultant 



We specialize in Performing Arts, Creative Arts and, strategizing with organizations who operate in diverse ecosystems.

Build a healthy society that brings happiness. With Consciously Exposed, believe that you and I are not so different. Despite different upbringings and cultures, human experiences are ultimately the same.

Believe in creating healthy communities by creating an understanding of cross-cultural, corporate social responsibility, mental health awareness, and action to improve policies, therefore creating an environment for optimal growth. 


The mission is to offer flexible and result-driven solutions to help individuals and businesses accelerate their growth potential. This is achieved by improving organizational culture and enabling inclusion for companies and universities in diverse ecosystems.

Following an artistic approach to investigate social issues and social determinants of mental health, organizations become conscious of delivering values to diverse consumers, meeting the needs of staff, and supporting the communities in which they work and serve.

Transform communities through art and social integration and promote harmony, social inclusion, and build community capacity that embraces, celebrates, and values cultural diversity.


Create a world in which organizations in diverse ecosystems utilize concepts of cultural intelligence and theories of psychology to adopt new values and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Inspire communities by fostering inclusion and diversity as experienced, felt, connected to, and valued by one another.


Core beliefs that guide our actions and behaviors influencing the way people treat and engage clients and colleagues, both internal and external.

Guiding Values


Caring is giving love and attention to people who matter. United by a shared purpose and by its positive impact on the organizations, workgroups, and individuals partnered with and the operative communities involved.


Trust is the essence of who people become and is the driving force, individually and collectively. This is a source of reliability that cannot be lost. The word that bonds. It's all we have. To live honestly is to be both vulnerable and powerful. It's a source of connection with you. 


Embrace and celebrate differences. Know that shared human nature connects everyone despite differences. Value the contributions of all people, celebrate diversity, and uphold the dignity of others. 


Believe in an inclusive and culturally diverse society and help create an environment that respects and includes differences, recognizing the unique contributions that individuals with many types of differences can make and maximizes every individual's potential.


Work cooperatively with others sharing the same vision, values, and purpose. Advocate and actively support others to realize their aspirations and goals. 


Inspired by the potential that change can bring to the community. Encouraged by the steps being made, and not giving up.

Contact Me

For Building a Health Society That Bring Happiness & Contact me 857 293 0371

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Signature Workshop Psychological Safety and Culture

Sustaining mental health involves a substantial amount of focus on care. It is likewise necessary to be mindful of social and cultural context when doing so.

Community Building Through Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Cultural Events

Art, culture, and economic value must go hand in hand. This is the key to the sustainability of any community programs promoting these.

Lowell, MA 

Men of Color and Mental Health Workshop Promoting Mental Health in the Soccer Field

Any sporting field or event offers opportunities for promoting excellence and team spirit. This can only be possible if the participants are aware of the role that mental health plays in the process.

DRC Congo (Africa) Day 1 Workshop

Artistic pursuits take center stage. See creative interaction come into play.

DRC Congo (Africa) Day 2 Workshop

See the world from various perspectives. Learn more new things as ideas flow freely.

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