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About Me 

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, I am a Dynamic Congolese-American Poet,  DEI Strategist,  Author, Speaker, Community Builder, Mental Health Professional and  African Diaspora Consultant. In 2013, I founded ConsciouslyExposed in Boston, Massachusetts to serve organizations and universities with a keen focus on DEI ( diversity, equity,  inclusion). Because of my unique niche and my  multifacated aspects,  I am actively engaged in the following:

  • Consulting
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Building
  • Men of Color/Fatherhood Engagement
  • African Diaspora Engagement
  • Poetry & Creative Arts
  • Race & Cultural Relevance in the Church
  • DEI Strategy
  • DEI Training 
  • Workshops
  • Coaching 
  • Company Culture
  • Remote Work Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring, including Youth Mentoring


  • Certified Boston Poet approved by the Mayor's Office of Arts and culture
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • M.S Psychology/Mental Health 
  • Doctorate Student Leadership Psychology
  • Psychological Coach (Solution-Focused Positive Psychology)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Services

My Legacy

Founding Consciously Exposed was just one step I have taken to elevate the rights of marginalized people and communities in the United States. My workshops, seminars, lectures, and community-building events have been a successful way of improving human rights. As such, I have helped create more empathetic, equitable, and prosperous communities by enabling companies to elevate the cultural intelligence of diverse consumers.

My Achievements

I use an artistic approach to advance the causes of social justice and social issues and grow community building while investigating social determinants of mental health. I was the keynote address speaker and featured writer at the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival in 2017.

I have held diverse events, including arts/culture, entrepreneurship events, in which I bridged cultural inequities and political gaps between members of:

  • African Diaspora Groups
  • State Officials
  • Academics
  • Faith Leaders
  • Business Communities

I assisted these communities to achieve:

  • Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Improved Mental Health 
  • Betterment Programs for Communities (of African Descent in the United States)

I have spent 10 years professionally collaborating with:

      • Various Organizations
      • Universities And Leaders (of African Descent)

Value Delivery Awareness

My company specializes in helping organizations and universities leveraging diversity, equity, inclusion through cultural intelligence, cross-cultural understanding, and social determinants of mental health. This way, diverse ecosystems become more conscious of:

      • Delivering Value to Consumers
      • Meeting Staff Needs 
      • Supporting Communities Being Served
      • Supporting Community Work Areas

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