A Poet  & Multifacated Leader

The founder and CEO of Consciously Exposed Consulting is a Congolese American Poet Certified Artist approved by the City of Boston Mayor's office of Arts and culture. He is also a  Dynamic Speaker  and Part-time Consultant who specializes in helping organizations increase cultural intelligence of diverse consumer. He also facilitate psychological safety and culture workshops and has over 10 years of Professional experiences  in community building and Advocacy,  Arts and Cultural, entrepreneurship event planning, Men of Color and Fatherhood Engagement. 

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, Leonard Tshitenge grew up between DRC and Gabon. He migrated with his family to the United States in Boston Massachusetts at the age of 16. While attending a multicultural high school, he was told by one of his Teacher that he was ‘better’ than African American students and to stay away from them. Disturbed and confused by such a statement, Leonard used that bad experience to understand Cultural Diversity, the culture and challenges of people of color in the United States. He studied at Fisk University, a historical Black College in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Fisk help him develop his unparalleled ability as a Poet, Public Speaker, Youth

Mentor, Strategist, Community Leader and Advocate. With a background in Psychology/Behavioral health and an amassed understanding of cross-cultural interaction, and multi-ethnic sensitivity, The City of Boston has seen Leonard contributions grow for over 10 years using artistic approach to investigate social determinants of Health and Mental of Health and helping organizations being Conscious of delivering values to consumers, meeting the needs of staff and

supporting the communities in which they work and Serve. He utilizes his unparalleled ability to inspire, serve, advocate for people of African descent in their local and international communities and bring people of all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds together in the interest of Arts, Entrepreneurship, Faith-Based and Mental health.