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"To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in the land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships" - W.E.B. Du Bois

When you're poor in the 'Land of Dollars,' where Wealth disparities and economic inequality are becoming a lifestyle, Do me a favor, Just Build your own wealth and feel that feeling of Innovation, like when you stare at an African Mannequin, admiring that African fabric, Fashion, rich in color, and when you wear it, it tells that African story.

So, we should embrace Market Innovation full of emerging markets, admiring creative economies. Pay attention to cultural trends as business values, apply cultural understanding, and make money and make a social impact.

It starts with tapping into Your Innovative Pulse! Realize that U.S. population growth is driven by minorities. Small owned Hispanic businesses are growing 50 times faster than the rest of the country.

So, a business that promotes Multiculturalism is where it's at; because they have tapped into that Innovative transformational pulse. They see the issues around them ! Innovate in your local Market and even go internationally. 

For Example, Looking into Africa:

Africa's 54 Countries are home to 1.2 Billion people and are the world leader in mobile money. While the rest of the world still dwells on negative images and stories, African entrepreneurs invest in energy so rural communities can have electricity to read and study. They are changing the narrative with positive stories and investing in the future of generations!!

They invest in agricultural technology for farmers to boost the African economy. They invest in closing the gaps between population growth and infrastructure. They are using social innovations to transform Africa.

Research tells us Africa has hundreds of companies that have annual revenues of over $1 Billion. Africa is set to have a larger working-age population than China, while global companies see Africa as a Major growth for emerging markets. (Africa's Business Revolution - "How To Succeed in the World's Next Big Growth Market)

One thing is for sure, consumption is growing much faster in some parts of Africa than anywhere in the world. I see companies investing in their technology as part of their business growth strategy. Because you know, they realize, in 2021, even during COVID-19, it's the year of investment on the continent of Africa to make money!

Africa still faces many challenges, even during the age of COVID-19,

However, with the right market innovation strategy, business strategies, trusts, and that Innovation Pulse, we can turn challenges into opportunities and profits.

Where problems are, I see opportunities. Most large Multinationals have been in Africa for over 25 years or more. More than half of large multinationals are present in more than 10 countries.

So Market Innovation, Lucrative Key Business/Investments opportunities in Africa or globally, depends on us holding each other's hands and telling our narratives.

Be yourself and change the world. Build Your Impact Story and innovate! Because we all deserved it, Celebrate it, Embrace it!

Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Your Cell Phone Have Blood on it ?

In the Movie "Black Panther, Wakanda was DRC Congo - Africa’s Second largest country. Because Congo is blessed with natural resources that power, the technology of the Globe but Rape had a Congolese Woman's face so people across the Globe enjoyed texting and playing video games.

See, Congo was Known as 'The Rape Capital of the world' where over 1000 women were Rape every month, Because of CELL PHONES, LAPTOPS, AND iPhones.

You see, our CELL PHONES contain something inside called COLTAN, a mineral that helps produce electronic devices in the WEST and the U.S.

80% of COLTAN comes from the Congo; where Children are kidnaped and forced to work in Congolese mines digging for COLTAN with their fingers; So, African rebels can exploit COLTAN illegally and sell them to foreign investors.

These Rebels, in return, use RAPE AND VIOLENCE as the weapon of War, and as a result, 6 MILLION Congolese have died during the Congolese Civil War, known as the deadliest War since World War II.

So, how do our cell phones connect to the Genocide in Congo?

Should we have called Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Apple?

Or should we review purchasing policies related to mineral resources from Congo that would examine ways to ensure that the Tech industry does not directly or indirectly finance armed conflict or result in labor or human rights violations.

Congo lost billion of dollars in shady business deals with multinational corporations that could of have used for Education, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, building social and economic capital for Congolese people

Congo is one of the most mineral-rich and overlooked countries in Humanity!

And since humanity don’t give it a damn,

Congolese community and across the diaspora still coped with agony and pain, reminiscing about CONGOLESE WOMEN' bathing' in rivers of blood asking folks around the world:


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