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C O N T A C T  U S


Assessment - 8 hours - Interview ,  identify the problems/Challenges, suggesting Steps of Actions

Strategic Planning

Research, assemble team of Influence for recommendation, formulate Strategies. 10 Hours

Implementation Consultation

 Choose Strategy to execute - 8 hours

Keynote Address

45 Minutes Keynote Address on Key Topics, that include Impactful Messages.

Topics derive from 10 years of Research, Professional Training,  Community Building,  Personal Experiences, Traveling domestically and Internationally 

  1. Cell Phones, Technology & Conflict Mined Minerals
  2. Obesity, Behavioral Health & African Traditional Diets
  3. Forgotten Legacy: Black Catholic History
  4. Youth Empowerment: Body Image, Self-esteem and Sexual Integrity
  5. Mental Health In the Black Community & Across The African Diaspora
  6. How To Build Bridges: Active Cultural Intelligence To Transcend Cultural Differences.
  7. Combatting Xenophobia, Cultural & Racial Stereotypes.
  8. Psychological Safety In The Workplace
  9. Black Fatherhood in America: Child Support & Family Probate Court System

Our Signature Diversity/Inclusion  Workshop

Innovative and Interactive Workshop to increase psychological Safety at work and  in a  diverse ecosystem to increase productivity,  profitability, Customer Engagement, Community Engagement   in supporting the professional and personal development of professional of Colors, including Millennials  

Cultural Intelligence Coaching

Cultural Intelligence Coaching comes  with Action Plan and Progress Measure Report to help companies look at Cultural Trends, have cultural Understanding and  turn Challenges Into opportunities.

Master of Ceremony

High-Energy Quality engagement with the audience to keep the event agenda flowing as smoothly as possible with confidence and charisma to keep the ceremony entertaining and educating  for all. 

Cultural Festival and Social Event Planning

Facilitation & Liaison


Certified Boston Poet approved by the Mayor’s office of Arts and Culture and the Boston planning and Development Agency.

● Bachelor Degree in Human Services Management

● Master of Science In Psychology with a concentration in behavioral Health

● Professional Training in Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises and fundamentals of starting and running a Business by the Mandela Washington D.C Fellowship for Young African Leaders launched by President Obama to support young African leaders.

● Professional Training in Community Residents Leadership, Organizing, Advocacy by NeighborWorks America and prevention institute

● Professional Training in Building Intercultural Competence For Ministers Seminar by African American Affairs USCCB Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church

● Professional Training in Drama: Expressions of Black Belief, Faith and Culture by Institute for Black Catholic Studies Xavier University of Louisiana.

● 10 + Professional experience in Public Speaking, Performing Arts , Community Engagement in multi-ethnic sensitivity in cross cultural interaction with African Diaspora communities on the model of the cultural competence and Diversity.

● 10 + Years Served as a volunteer Family and Youth Ministry Worker, Cultural Relevance in the Church -Workshop Presenter for the Archdiocese of Boston Office of Outreach and Cultural diversity.

● 10+ years Professional/Training experience in Youth Development, Men of Color and Father Programs.

● 5 + Years of Clinical Professional Training in Therapeutic  interventions in Mental Health (Therapeutic Mentoring/Coaching -Youth/Adult Populations)