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  • The Use of Arts For Social Change & Innovation
  • Youth Development Through Multidisciplinary Arts
  •  Cultural Diversity & Inclusion
  • Post-Black Panther: Heritage & Connecting with Africa Through Fashion, Arts. 
  • Technology & Conflict-Minerals
  • Cultural Relevance in The Church
  • Africa & African Diaspora Engagement
  • Facilitation - Connecting with Others
  • Men of Color Engagement & Father Program

Strategic Insight Consulting  Into :

  • Community Building & Outreach For Market Growth & Social Impact
  • Lucrative Business & Investment opportunities in Africa
  • Improving Cultural Intelligence (CQ) - Connecting with Others

Coaching & Webinars

  • Community Building and Self-Advocacy 
  • Giving Birth To Your Business Idea  & Scale  Your Business

What our customers are saying

The Team want to say THANK YOU for your great spoken word performance and Consulting Insight. Everyone was very impressed with your work" 

Anabelle Rondon, Great Neighborhood Manager of Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance