Wework aims to be a leader in Greater Boston with regard to equity and inclusion of people of color. We recognize that the region's economy is rich with diversity and innovation but has lagged with social and racial integration. Your event was a huge success and the work that you are doing is truly inspiring. We want to unlock the rest of the city with you.

Izzy Jacques
 - WeWork /Community Lead 

I have come to know Mr. Tshitenge as an exceptionally bright and motivated Poet, community builder  and

youth mentor and leader.  Mr. Tshitenge’s work in African Diaspora Engagement and Community Building is very impressive. He is a dynamic and talented community organizer, educator, and social entrepreneur whom I met in the course of African diaspora related activities in the Boston area.

Mr. Tshitenge has demonstrated his broad knowledge of and good familiarity with the needs, potentials, and challenges of African diaspora communities, entrepreneurs, as well as his exceptional facilitation and leadership skills in engaging local underprivileged communities and marginalized youth for the development of the communities in the United States as well as in Africa.

Mr. Tshitenge has  facilitated entrepreneurship and cultural vitality initiatives among low-income populations as a way to effect social change and create an environment for inclusivity and diversity.

Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor - African Studies Center, Boston University

Thanks so much for all your help along the way!

Each of your coaching and consultant sessions in the past couple months have been extremely helpful and has taken my business and other ideas to a place of reality. The resources I was provided were very helpful up to this day.I truly enjoyed every interaction, moreover, each consulting session was completely invested in my success.

 Munah Slopadoe - CEO/Founder  of NFUSE CATERING

I wanted to personally thank you for such an incredible experience making this film. It goes without saying that this would not have been possible without your words and I am just honored to have worked with you. I look forward to teaming up again in the near future.

Kordae Jatafa Henry, Creative Director & Artist - website: jatafa.com

Mr. Leonard Tshitenge  is a VERY talented, highly sought after, spoken word artist/Speaker.

Dr. Aminah Pilgrim - Historian, Africana Studies Department

Founding Director, HIPHOP Initiative

UMass Boston

I have known Leonard for over 10 years  and for all of that time, he has been very passionate and dedicated to handing on the faith to the youth in the Black Catholic Community through the use of technology.  He has done various workshops and presentations for Kujenga Viongozi, has done much to support the many programs and events of Black Catholic Ministries in Boston. Mr. Tshitenge is also an accomplished Spoken word artist and poet

Lorna DesRoses - Archdiocese of Boston Office for black catholic ministries

Director of Office of outreach and cultural diversity

In his meetings, Leonard highlights the serious nature of issues impacting the community by reciting his own poetry as well as by presenting video clips effectively chosen from the mainstream media. After the video presentations, members of a three person panel offer their professional expertise on the topic before fielding questions from those in attendance. Leonard does an excellent job engaging those present and facilitating the discussion

Rev. Thomas J. Frink, SJ - Sts. Mary and Joseph Parish
. Salem, New Hampshire

As the Community Development Specialist for Microsoft Boston, I have worked closely with Leonard Tshitenge to make a positive impact on young people in our local community many times. Since 2013, he has used our space and equipment to host his Teens Movie Project program. During each session, Mr. Tshitenge presents an incredible multi-media lecture to promote education and social issues affecting local youth and young adults

Eliza Mulcahy - Microsoft Community Development Specialist 


I was fortunate enough to know Leonard who provided me with coaching and  helped me brainstorm the initiation of my podcast. Although I am still in the process of launching my podcast "This Tale I Own", his advice has been invaluable to me. This Tale I Own is a podcast project that will promote sharing stories from nontraditional storytellers, the youth, allowing them to bridge cultural, religious, ethnic and environmental gaps"

Naj S Bel - CEO/Founder of This Tale I Own 

I have worked with Leonard since 2014 to lead local, national and international campaigns, organizations, and events in support of human rights. I have seen his contributions grow as a Poet, Community Organizer, social entrepreneur. He has held 10 diverse events with Congolese diaspora of New England in which he bridged Cultural and political gaps between members of various diaspora groups, a senior White House safer and other stage officials, academics, faith leaders and other caring members of wider Boston Communities. He utilizes his unparalleled ability to inspire and bring people of all ethnic, religious, and economic background together in the interest of human rights. He is a fantastic addition to any team looking to elevate these topics worldwide. 

Garrett Moore - Stand With Congo Campaign Manager